Work Permits

At the Department of Labour we take pride in being available to assist and support the business of our stakeholders twenty four hours everyday (conditions apply). We issue seven forms to support our process of Work Permit Administration. Work permits are issed in accordance with the Immigration Act (CAP 13.01) Revised 2008.


  1. First Work Permit Application Form
  2. Renewal-Variation of Work Permit Application Form
  3. Self-Employed Work Permit (First Application) Form
  4. Self-Employed Work Permit (Renewal) Form
  5. Exemption of Work Permit Form
  6. Terms of Employment ( First Schedule [Form A] )
  7. Employment Act


  1. How to apply for a work permit?
  2. Work Permit Fees
  3. Immigration Act (CAP 13.01) Revised 2008