About Us

At the Labour Department of we are concerned with the creation and promotion of a working environment in Montserrat with a focus on industrial peace and harmony among the three pillars of the labour market: the Government, Employers and Workers. We therefore perform our duties consistent with the internationally adopted best practice emphasizing a tripartite approach in our local practice. This involves the oversight of trade unions and serving as the focal point for the development and promotion of human rights legislation on behalf of the Government of Montserrat.

Our approach to the resolution of labour disputes is premised on the pursuit of judicial remedies only when attempts at mediation, conciliation and arbitration are unyielding. We finance a well functioning Labour Tribunal, which comprises representatives of employers and employers on each and every sitting.

Our legislative mandates allow us to purposefully respond to the policy objectives and programmes of the Government of Montserrat as outlined in the national Sustainable Development Plan (SDP), which covers issues of population retention and increase through the utilization of integrated immigration and labour policy options.

The Labour Act (Rev) 2002 establishes the Department of Labour and inter alia the Office of the Labour Commissioner.

The Employment Act (Rev) 2002 reserves the common law entitlements of employees along with further entitlements covering, inter alia, notice of dismissal, protection of wages, overtime pay and statutory vacation periods.


The Department of Labour aims to be a modernized agency for human rights protection, employment relations and labour market administration with the deployment of highly competent staff.


Our Mission is to implement labour administration and enforce legislation in keeping with international labour standards and best practices for the benefit of the community, employers and workers while promoting a safe, healthy and harmonious environment.

Core Values

Our Core Values are to serve as a motivated team which values honesty, integrity, professionalism, confidentiality and fairness in the delivery of our services.